Are You Sensitive to Gluten?

On Saturday mornings BBC breakfast there was a nice piece on gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease. The actress Caroline Quntin was on the sofa with the CEO of the charity coeliacUK talking about her experience of being diagnosed with coeliac disease.

There are about 100,00 people in the UK diagnosed with coeliac, but there are potentially 100,000’s more people living with the condition who have yet to be diagnosed.

This is potentially a huge health crisis just waiting to happen. You see coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease. Just like MS, rheumatoid arthritis, AS or autoimmune thyroiditis. It’s not just something that you can try and live through, your immune system is actually attacking and destroying your body.

This is a common theme among people – they go years suffering with IBS and other completely unrelated problems such as rashes and skin problems, joint pain, depression to name a few, along with the usual IBS type symptoms and constipation, bloating and eruptive diarrhea (yes sorry to have to describe that)…

BUT, why are more and more people getting diagnosed with coeliac disease?